The TourneeCie is a committee that organises the tour of De Ontzetting. Every two years, the orchestra will cross the border and broaden its horizon. We will perform our music abroad and the tour is all about having fun! ‘De Ontzetting On Tour’ has had many destinations over the previous years, like China, Spain, Germany and Poland.
In 2022, De Ontzetting is going on tour again and it will be a special one, especially because we could not go abroad in 2020. This year, we will travel to Vienna and Bratislava! De TourneeCie meets every other week to organise the whole tour for us. During the meetings, TourneeCie members discuss the travel times, monetary issues and various activities. They arrange other practical things like transportation, hotels and food, but the committee will go on a pre-tour to visit the concert locations and activities themselves too. During the tour, the committee will help the Ontzetters in every way and they make sure everything runs smoothly.

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