Friends of De Ontzetting

The “Vrienden van de Ontzetting (VvdO)” is an association of old-members of student orchestra De Ontzetting. The board of the VvdO organizes activities for their members, so they stay in contact with each other after their Ontzetting-career. The VvdO gives also (financial) support for large activities of De Ontzetting, for example concert tours, lustrums and purchasing instruments.

Activities for VvdO members are organized by the board of the VvdO and take place several times a year. The board organizes for example drinks or dinners before the concerts of De Ontzetting. VvdO members have free entrance for concerts of De Ontzetting twice a year. The board sends a newsletter four times a year. In the newsletter, information about De Ontzetting and the VvdO activities are given.

For more information about the VvdO, feel free to mail to: