Ensemble Commission:

With a number of enthusiastic members of De Ontzetting a group has been formed that is in different compositions can contribute to the atmosphere of your occasion.
Some examples of what we do:  Wedding, King’s Day, birthdays, anniversary of a company, at study associations, and so on.
We have a wide range of music that we can adapt on the occasion you organize.
For requests e.g. for specific songs or a specific style of clothing, will be discussed and additional costs might be charged.
If you have a request, we would like to hear that far in advance as possible, so we can rehearse in time to give you the best possible experience!
The table below is an indication of the reimbursement we ask for a performance, but this is only a guideline. If all details about the performance are known, we can determine the final prize.

Contact: EnsembleCommittee for more information.

0-15 min. 15-30 min. 30-60 min.
5-6 muciscians €50,00 €100,00 €150,00
6-10 Musiscians €75,00 €125,00 €175,00
10 Musiscians €150,00 €200,00