The Ontzetting Ensemble

Would you like to enjoy your event accompanied by good music? Then the ensemble of De Ontzetting might be something for you! The so-called EnsembleCie is a group of musicians from De Ontzetting that enjoy giving concerts in smaller groups. All your requests such as specific scores, genres or clothing style can be discussed. This way the EnsembleCie can give another layer of entertainment to your event. Because the EnsembleCie has diverse scala of musical instruments they can be hired for multiple occasions such as weddings, (birthday) parties, holidays like Kings Day etc.

The table below is an indication of the reimbursement is asked for a performance, but this is only a guideline. If all details about the performance are known, the final price is determined. If you would like further information or details about the possibilities of hiring the Ontzetting Ensemble please send an email to the following email address:

0-15 min. 15-30 min. 30-60 min.
5-6 muciscians €50,00 €100,00 €150,00
6-10 Musiscians €75,00 €125,00 €175,00
10 Musiscians €150,00 €200,00